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I have eaten in Venice many times and in my opinion the food in Venice was not really great. It’s a not so easy to reach -island and it’s not easy to get fresh Produce to it. It’s a “tourist trap” so mostly food quality & taste is not that high on the restaurants priority list. So when ever my journeys take me to Venice I always make peace with the fact that the food won’t be that great.

But o, how I love good food accompanied by good wine! So I always do try to get good places to feed the fat kid in me.

My sister and myself were actually lost trying to get to St. Marc’s square when stumbled into Rossopomodoro .We decided that this looks like the place to eat or maybe we were just really hungry and any place with a table and chair and promise of wine would have done! After a whole day of road tripping from Switzerland & fighting the crowds up and down Venetian bridges to try find our very well hidden away charming hotel we were starving like a child in a Dickens Novel.

At first when you enter the restaurant seems small but as the waitress took as to our place we realised how big it was. She just kept walking from one creatively decorated air-conditioned room to  another. Three rooms later we ended at the another entrance of the Rossopomodoro . It was Surprisingly big.

The Menu looked creative & the dishes that was brought past us looked yummy. We are both vegetarian and we could both find something that made our mouths water in anticipation. This is already a big fat star for this restaurant.

Our food arrived and we were both just too hungry to commit food porn so we dug in and savoured the yummy food without taking any photos.  Pizza for my sister & an Aubergine dish for me accompanied by a Caprese Salad. And apparently this is THE place to eat Pizza in Venice.

We both enjoyed it so much that the next day after returning from our day trip to Burano Island we ran in the rain back to Rossopomodoro to try some other mouth watering dishes on the menu . Seated right next to the legendary fireplace where some famous artist planned some famous exhibition that is now still in some famous museum in a famous part of Venice. We slurped up a gorgeous red that complimented our food wonderfully. Filled our tummies with yummy food it was the perfect end to an exciting Venetian Day. Two girls running in the rain to food and wine left the restaurant Rossopomodoro with big smiles & happy tummies.





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