Have you ever done a proper closet cleanse? Do you even know how to do a proper closet cleanse? I recently started mine & discovered some golden oldies & learned some things about myself. I also realized it’s time to go on a diet and girls with big breasts can wear stripes after all.

I always thought that everyone knew what a closet cleanse was and that it was a normal thing people did once a year not only for their kids but for themselves too. The reason is that I have been doing closet cleanses since I was a little girl. Very unwillingly because no.1 I wanted to go play and no 2. I had to go dig my best boy pants that have seen better days out of the “bin it pile ” later on.


But growing up this was a ritual my mother made us do every winter. Getting rid of clothes too small or too old and donating the items that were still in good condition. This is something I still do to this day. I keep my winter and summer wardrobes separate and when winter comes I do a closet cleanse. I haven’t been so brutal in recent years but this year I really went for it because I am working on a new exciting project that I will share soon …

In the meantime it’s not a bad idea to do a proper closet cleanse. In the process I have discovered golden oldies that are still in excellent condition and so I decided to show them for this editorial.

I always love black turtlenecks I buy new ones every year. Going through my winter wardrobe I realized that black turtleneck pullovers are my comfort zone or winter uniform (read my editorial about my uniform) I know I wear way too much black even in summer, but that’s just me. I love black, it’s honestly my favourite colour. But I won’t tell my hubster this as I am still hinting that Tiffany blue & Cartier red are my favourite colours. Hopefully he will get it soon!

I also discovered my old Prada mini shoulder bag. This was actually great timing because I was on the verge of buying a similar bag from Valentino. So you see closet cleanses can save you money and bring some golden oldies back into your life. This bag is actually a mini shoulder bag but I tried to be a bit creative and make a belt bag out of it.


I also found a new black & white striped turtleneck. I never wore it because I felt it makes my breasts look too big! With a 36D bra size not all tops are a sure thing. So I often opt out of wearing certain tops. But why ? Because I have read way too many blogs & articles telling me to stay away from stripes. When there is actually a simple solution… if you like stripey tops but you have bigger breasts break the stripes with a long pendant necklace. In the editorial I am wearing one of my favourite Stella & Dot Pendant necklaces . This necklace is perfect for this purpose. Because it is long and pointy it breaks the stripes and plays tricks with the eyes . . . my breasts are not the focal point anymore.

Still madly in love with my Dries Van Noten coat ! This was such a good purchase and it was previously owned! Which means it’s from someone else’s closet cleanse. That is another good thing about closet cleanses. Sell your old branded items that you don’t use anymore and get a little bit of “casholla” back to reinvest.

My old faithful Gucci Princetowns that have also seen better days. These shoes were a really big investment. I put an insane amount of kilometers on these babies. The sad part is they will soon have to go live on a farm with the other happy shoes….



Photos by Armin Nussbaumer 

-this look-

Striped Top from Jcrew // black turtleneck top Jcrew  // Leather Capri’s -old but similar from Forever Unique  // Shoes Gucci  budget option – Dune // Belt Gucci// Handbag PRADA old Similar from Gucci // sunglasses Prada // Necklace Stella & Dot 

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