Bought the same item again? Feeling unmotivated by your out of control closet. Can’t find anything in it to wear? It’s time for a closet cleanse! A tedious but rewarding task.


Here are some tips on how to cleanse your closet.

#1 pour yourself a glass of wine … keep the bottle nearby

#2 play my closet cleanse mix tape, here is the Spotify play list

#3 take out all of your clothes, I mean all of them. Throw them onto your bed.

#4 Decide on 3 piles : Donate, Keep – this season, Store Safely for next season

#5 Pick up one item at a time and ask yourself :

  • does it fit ?If you have to squeeze into it and use a hanger to close the zip … look at how my eyes roll back in my head now… let it go sister, those days are gone and they ain’t coming back soon. Nothing is impossible but if you keep them then get a personal trainer !
  • does it have sentimental value ? this one is the hardest to judge what to do with. I still have the clothes my son wore when he came home from the hospital. I just can’t part with them. So some of our clothes do have sentimental value and if you are not ready to part decide if they go into storage or back into your closet.
  • when was the last time I wore it? if you haven’t worn the item in this past year then you have to ask yourself if you will wear it again?

#6 Don’t keep the rags – you are going to have to be a little hard on yourself. You know that grey top with the fuzzy balls, that you love. Its time to let go. It’s not cute to wear it, not even at home. Those leggings you love with the hole in, you deserve better. Throw them out! That white t shirt with the yellow stains under the arms …eeew -OUT WITH IT!



Wardrobe basics- this is stuff like the essential wardrobe items. T- shirts (that are still in good condition) blazers and winter jackets.

Items you splurged on – Those Ralp Lauren and Gant Blouses and dresses are keepers. They will last a long time and are classics that will always look on point.

Formal wear- Don’t get rid of that LBD that you bought for a Christmas Party. It will come in handy again. Unless the Christmas Party was 10 years ago and you were 10 cm less “husky” on the ass.


It doesn’t fit – donate!

I haven’t worn it for over 6 months and it still has tags – donate!

It’s nasty and “well loved” – ummm I’m thinking bin it !



Do yourself a favour and buy beautiful new hangers that all look the same. It sounds stupid but it looks organised and it just feels good when you see the finished project.


Arrange everything face the same way.


Divide your clothes into categories. Pants with pants, jeans with jeans, etc.. Then separate them by colours.


Only keep items in your closet you will wear in the next three months. Store the items for other seasons in a box that is marked with the particular season.







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