First things first – define a capsule wardrobe!

A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe that consists of all the basic items of a particular season that you love wearing and that you can mix and match with each other to create as many outfits as possible . A typical capsule wardrobe are worn for 3 months and then you swap out to the next season.Usually a capsule wardrobe consist of about 37 items but these items exclude a working wardrobe , active wear , underwear or formal wear. A capsule wardrobe usually consist of classic styles that don’t go out of fashion & can be worn for years to come.

Reasons why I  kinda like the CONCEPT of  a capsule wardrobe:

#1 A capsule wardrobe is a way to keep you shopping under control. The theory is that every three months you swop your closet out . Either get your items from the previous season out and add new basics & some trend pieces or you shop for a new mini wardrobe. Shopping and Swapping is done two weeks before your next capsule start and then for 3 months you don’t shop.

#2 You get to refresh you wardrobe 4 times a year.

#3 Less impulse buys that leaves you with items in your closet that still has tags on.

#4 You always have something to wear.

#5 Because your outfits are pre -planned, you never have to worry that you do not have certain items to finish the outfit off.

#6 It simplifies your life

#7 You save money

# 8 You have space in your wardrobe and you can actually see what you have in there

# 9  You can get dressed quickly

# 10 You can be the mix and match expert you always wanted to be

In my opinion a capsule collection it doesn’t necessarily mean that your basic items are not current. You can either go for the classic pieces which is great and which you would spend a little more money on. Or you can get the trend pieces & mix this with the classic pieces.


How to start a Capsule Wardrobe
  1. Do a closet cleanse  – see my editorial on how to do a closet cleanse
  2. Choose a basic colours like Navy or Black or a shade of brown.
  3. Choose your neutral colour coordinating essentials – these are solid colours top or bottoms in colours like black, white , grey or beige.
  4. If you are missing essential items – go shopping but shop with a purpose don’t buy anything that are not essential to use in your capsule.

the key purpose of a capsule is to mix and match your limited wardrobe together to create as many outfits as possible. Make sure you choose colours that suit you and that you feel comfortable in but that compliment each other and go well together. If you use Navy or black as base colours you can add the other essentials pieces in the colours i suggested but don’t wear navy or black together it just doesn’t work.

questions to ask yourself :

  • Does this item go with at least 3 other items in my closet ?
  • Does it fit my style ?

In my E -book I created a Capsule Wardrobe that in my opinion would suit any age and any body shape & size and you can easily tweak it to suit your style.


 The colour palette I used was black as my base colour and then coordinated it with , ivory , white & grey for the essential items .I added Burgundy & blush as an accent colours. Navy can also be used as a base colour instead of black.

This is my winter 2017/2018 Capsule Collection Guide for Girls over 30.Why is my capsule collection different that a usual minimalist capsule?

I tweaked it to add fashionable items that are trending winter 2017/18 & mixed it with classic items that you will wear again next winter. So this is not just your ordinary basic winter capsule guide but a fashionable one. Normally a capsule is more about leisure wear and not office or going out wear but I have created looks for work , leisure and going out with only the 35 items of clothing plus shoes suggested in this e book.. I spend hours researching to create this fashionable & easy winter capsule. In this guide you will get :

  •  288 Winter looks for work, leisure & going out with only 32 items in your wardrobe incl. shoes and many of these items you most probably already have.
  • classic looks that would suit all ages , shapes and sizes
  • 4 bonus christmas dinner looks
  • access to my secret Pinterest winter capsule board
  • access to my plus size Pinterest winter capsule board
  • Wardrobe Checklist
  • more in-dept look on how to create the perfect capsule collection.
  • A quick reference ” I feel like…” list. To give you an idea of a appropriate outfit for the occasion.
  • Suggested wardrobe items and also in plus sizes and links to find them.

The important thing about a Capsule Wardrobe is to build a comfortable and practical wardrobe around your own style. So even though I can give you ideas, in the end it has to work for you.



TIP – Once you have downloaded it copy it in your ibooks or in your kindle app for the best reading experience.


Even though I have modelled it around a traditional capsule wardrobe I have kept it modern and trendy .

Here are the mood boards i worked with for this capsule



The winter blazer trend this year is grey or mixed grey check blazers. You can get them in many styles long or short and in any price class.

This blazer is a wardrobe changer and should be in the wardrobe of any girl over 30 this winter.

It is a great layering piece because it can be mixed and match to almost anything in a winter wardrobe






The shoe trend for this winter is over the knee boots in black and in soft sued leather. The hight of the heel is up to you.

The ankle boot trend is block heels .The hight of the heel also up to you.

Then a big sneaker trend for winter = Vans Sneakers which is also now available in platforms or even some designs by Karl Lagerfeld.

With regards to Pumps. If you going to wear Pumps , high heels our out and kitten heels are in.



The denim trend is straight legged cropped jeans.

Now I know you want to wear your skinny jeans and its of course okay they always look good. But they are not fashionable this Winter.



This Year we saw pearls over the runway more than ever. Most brands used pearls in their runway shows and not only as Jewellery but also on Shoes and clothes.

Pearls are in and also statement pieces and statement earrings. The bigger the better. And remember accessories are an easy and fun way to keep your outfit up to date.




Transform your wardrobe

TIP – Once you have downloaded it copy it in your ibooks or in your kindle app for the best reading experience.






Well usually it is 37 items, but I got it down to only 32 items excluding accessories. It depends on your style and what you would like more of on how you tweak it to suit you, but 35 items is already a generous amount to get so many outfits out of the mixing and matching. In the end its up to you to find a good balance but the whole concept is to keep your closet to a minimal amount of items.


Definitely not . Many of these essential pieces you probably already own. Your capsules are usually sourced from three places
1- items you already own for this particular season that were in storage
2- Items from a previous season that can still be used for this season
3- new items you purchase



For the items you won’t need i suggest to store them away safely. The reason for this is that if this is not part of you capsule it will cause clutter . The goal is to simplify your getting dressed time and this won’t be helpful. Another good reason for storing it is that when you see it again you would love it and it will be in good condition.


Not really. There are so many outfits in my Ebook and even though its the same items they all are different. In three months you won’t get bored with them. It’s not set in stone that you are not allowed to add some statement items. But now you don’t have to go crazy to put outfits together and spend money on a whole new outfit because you know what you have in your closet. So you can decide more wisely if these items suit your capsule and if you really need them. Impulse shopping gets a kick in the ass! You make wiser choices and buy clothes that you may use for a longer time instead of one season. Also now that you can actually see what is going on in your clutter free closet you can become more creative.


Every season you should invest in a few trending fashion accessory pieces. Fashion accessories have some kind of magic to transform a boring look into a trendy one. I did not count fashion accessories as part of the 35 items. Have a spending budget every capsule for some new fashion accessories. I am a Stella & Dot addict and always find the trendiest items that are good quality and a good price. That is why I joined as a stylist. In this capsule I only suggested Stella & Dot pieces for accessories because I truly believe they are the best affordable quality & trendy with class.
















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