Traveling is such a privilege. You don’t only get an exciting adventure from your travels but your eyes get opened and you become aware of things that otherwise you would have not. Traveling is an investment in your own future. It broadens your horizons and gives you a new perspective on life and changes your opinions. It grows and stretches and forms your character. If you have never traveled overseas do whatever you can to travel. Save, save save and make a plan because it is so enlightening to see other parts of the world and how people live.

Fashion week

I went to Berlin Über excited because I am a fashion week virgin. I have by accident walked past the NY fashion week in 2015 but that was totally unplanned and just a glimpse of what fashion week is really like. This time I decided very last minute to visit my coolest nephew in Berlin and at the same time go see the street styles of the Berlin Fashion week. Invitations for shows are almost impossible to get if you are not press, buyers or a popular and known influencer. But I love street style and I am very interested in it and so even just seeing this was enough for me to get inspired.

I didn’t take any outfit pictures, but here are some pictures of me and my nephew taken at the Berlin wall.


My opinion on dirt cheap clothes and accessories

I often get judged for my love of brands and buying expensive things. Maybe I even get labeled superficial and materialistic. And I get why people would think that . . . but I believe that buying cheap actually has an expensive price tag in the long run.

When I walked into Primark in Berlin I wanted to vomit. Rows and rows and heaps and heaps of cheap shoes and clothes. Cheap and poor quality apparel is not a positive thing. It is a disgrace because these items get used once and after one wash are most certainly in bad shape & end up in a landfill. Shoes that cost 15Euro cannot possibly be comfortable and will never be on the pre loved pile. Buying cheap is a waste of money. There is a price to pay by the environment & most certainly a ton of human rights have been violated.

I get that people have little money these days but this is all the more reason to buy good quality things that will last and that can be passed on.

I don’t mind paying more for my brands and wearing them to tatters or when they don’t fit anymore I can pass them on to someone else. And because they are well made and good quality they still look good enough to pass on.

By no means am I saying that we have to buy big brands like Gucci and Fendi to be responsible consumers, but I think that there is a very clear line to which brands are responsible. It’s a bit of a sick cycle really. Because we buy from these stores so they know there is a market and keep on providing this junk because their immediate goal is profit. But in the long run we all pay the ultimate price, because our environment suffers, our health and the health of our children suffers from the toxins in the materials and other humans suffer because getting paid a shitty small salary for 20 hours of work is better than not getting paid at all….

I am guilty of buying a Unicorn onsie at Primark. But I cannot ever wash it because I can see if I wash it, it will fall apart. We should hold these companies and ourselves to higher standards. This is not fashion….

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