I have been talking about quality vs. quantity lately. I am occasionally guilty of breaking my own rule, but I try most of the time to find items that are of better quality and that will last several seasons. These can be pricier, but if you know what and where and when to buy you can get great deals.

How do I know what is worth the price tag?

Think of essentials and forget trends. You can still be fashionable without following the latest trends. You can always update an essential look with current fashion accessories. Invest in good quality clothes that will last longer and be fashionable in seasons to come and instead of spending a lot of money on cheap trendy clothes rather just update the items with trendy accessories. Accessories really can make an outfit!

I am not saying don’t ever buy into trends, that is really up to you. But try not to overdo it because often what happen is that we buy a trendy item and when we get home we have no idea how to style it … with what does it go ? Then we end up buying more cheaper trendy items to complete the outfit. This is how we end up with cupboards full of clothes and nothing to wear.

When it comes to buying brands on sale don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s a good brand so buy it because its on SALE. Don’t buy something you just sort of like because its on sale and it has a good brand name . Be sure you like it a lot and you will wear it to death. Be sure that this will be in for another season. Also brand sales doesn’t necessarily mean the items will be cheap. But when you buy the right item it will be a gem and an investment in your wardrobe.

Here is a little help from me:

Depending on the popularity & feedback I get from you guys from this post, I will spend more time to look for good deals so you can get an idea which Sale items are worth the price tag and where to find them.


I am starting off the “GEM FIND” project with one of my favourite brands, Alexander Wang. This brand is just oh so gorgeous, trendy and classy. I like Alexander Wang sales because there are so many gems. You can walk away with great quality items for a really good deal and with a brand that has proven its worth. Because of the brand’s reputation for good quality and creative and classic design, it is possible to give items a second life. When you feel for example the blazer your purchased a year ago doesn’t fit or suit you anymore you can sell it as second hand and will still get something for it. It’s great because someone else gets the chance to own a master piece and this avoids yet another item of clothing in a landfill or chocking a fish somewhere and you don’t feel a quiet guilt and frustration of the money you wasted on the trendy items that lasted a season.

If you see something you like you better grab it because it will be gone and then you will have serious regret for that one who got away….that is another story…

Please leave a comment good or bad to let me know if you would like to see more of these gem finds. Also at the bottom of the post on the right hand side you will see a little heart. If you liked the post please heart it xox





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