Here is a Spring Capsule sneak peak – I call this the the”I feel like Jane Birkin look”.

Hand-in-hand with my Carrie Bradshaw obsession goes my Jane Birkin obsession. I can pin pictures of these two iconic trendsetters all day. Part of my Spring 2018 Capsule is inspired by Jane Birkin’s style. I mean hello this woman is the inspiration behind a much coveted Hermès bag. The English / French actress, model, muse & singer’s classic effortless & chic style is perfect for a capsule wardrobe.


Describing Jane Birkin’s style the word chic is absolutely relevant. She had this way to pull of jeans on any occasion and make it look fab. Jane probably was the very first It girl to start the layering of delicate necklaces trend. She made wearing white cool again.

Her signature is probably the basket bag which she always had with her come winter or summer. Jane pulled off the flared jeans, basic t-shirt and belt look so effortlessly. This is great inspiration for an every-day casual yet chic look.

Oh and blah to the Kardashians or Kate Moss who made waves with their sheer dresses and tops. Jane did it first and she did it years before them. She did it better and she did it with confidence and panache.

My outfit – Jane Birkin Look

In my Capsule for Spring I tweaked the Birkin Classic style to make it more current. I have given some ideas on how to dress it up or down. In this editorial I have captured a few ways to wear the look in a currently trending way. Casual & smart casual.

The flared jeans trend is back, but it can be worn longer or shorter In other words more like a cullote. Wearing cami’s as tops has been in fashion and acceptable for awhile now. I styled it by layering delicate necklaces. What I like about Cami’s are that they transition easily from a day to a night look.

White or cream lace tops are also very Jane Birkin. So although I do not have a lace top in my Spring Capsule I wore an oldie Lace & Sheer blouse. For those casual cool Spring days I would wear a trench or for more smart casual add a blazer. I included a navy blazer in the Spring Capsule. The blazer make the look a bit smarter.

I finished it off with a classic pair of platform sneakers & of course a trendy basket bag. I am in love with the currently trending sunglass shape. The cat eye is just so fresh and it is about time something so simple is in fashion again. No diamonds and all that jazz, just a simple old trend making its rounds again.


Hey time to start your closet cleanse. The Spring Capsule will be available here soon ! Here is the editorial to help you do a closet cleanse in the meantime : How to do a closet cleanse

By the way I would love to know who your Style Icon is ? And what do you think about my Jane Birkin Look ?

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Photos by Juerg Hostettler





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