Manhattan seems a tad more relaxed in Summer. Many of the locals have left the city to escape the heat.It is almost always hot, really hot and really humid. The average temperatures during Summer is 28-29 degrees celsius but because of the humidity it feels hotter.

-comfortable, yet fashionable –

Many frequent travellers might not agree with my choices but I do not do anything, I mean anything if I can not do it in a cute outfit. I want to be comfortable of course but my comfort zone is also a place where I look good. I do not feel comfortable in comfy sneakers and camo zip of pants! Im a fashion girl. Girls, you can dress fashionable and comfortable without looking like a boy! You can pack light’ish and still look cute!

-day tripper-

Whatever your agenda for the days holds do not wear jeans or long trousers unless its cotton or some super light material that breathes! Try find one pair of shorts that mix well with more than one colour. This way you can use one pair of shorts for 3 days and mix different tops or t- shirts with it. That means 3 outfits and lighter luggage aka. more space to shop. Because its so hot if you have long hair you would probably want to tie it up. A messy bun could add some fun to your look. Go for Big Hooped earrings or Statement Earrings to give the look a little edge. Don’t forget to pack sunglasses, when you are in the sun all day your eyes needs the protection but this also hides your melting mascara & tired eyes at the hight of the hot day! Take a cute tote bag. I suggest a tote because its comfortable to wear over your shoulder and it’s big. Your hands would be free and you can carry your water, a cardigan & other things you need like an umbrella. The summer weather sometimes has spontaneous showers & so an umbrella might be helpful, but not absolutely necessary as the showers doesn’t last that long. Cardigan !Yes, I said Cardigan!  Restaurants and stores has their air-cons so high that you actually freeze. You will need a thin cardigan that you can easily take off again once you are outside. Comfortable walking shoes! You could probably get a nice pair of New Balance that would also look super cute and work well with the day outings ! But I’d go with a pair of espadrilles. There are such a big beautiful selection of espadrilles and they are very trendy & very comfortable. Other comfortable yet fashionably acceptable shoes that you could look at is Birkenstock sandals. They are super comfy and these days they have a cute selection. They can be styled with dresses long or short , shorts and slacks. Last but not least get a bright Lip colour bright red, pink or orange ,whatever suits you. My reasons for his are. No1. You are going to take so many pictures and selfies you are going to want to stand out and not look too dull in them and often your eyes will be hidden behind your sunglasses, so spice the photos up with some coloured lips! Reason. no2. You are going to wear very little make up because well it melts right off so its pointless to put too much on but with a bright lip colour you don’t have to do too much with your make up.




Red Lipstick from Mac -Russian Red

CARDIGAN -Rick Owens  – Budget Option 

Valentino EspadrillasBudget option

Karl Lagerfeld T shirt

Shorts Isabel Marant Budget option 

Anine Bing Camisole Budget option

Stella & Dot Fillmore Tote 

Stella & Dot Sunglasses 

Stella & Dot Tassel Statement Earrings 





-night life-

My favourite thing to do is to walk the streets of Manhattan. Even at night time no matter what season its an exciting experience to be outside. The city is alive and buzzing till all hours! For what ever activities you choose to do at night if you are going to do some walking, I would suggest a flat shoe rather than a heel. If you  want to be more elegant and wear heels , maybe have some fold up flats ballerina’s in your hand bag. You can get some from any Duane Reade drug store. You will find one on every corner .High heels is not only impractical but also most likely get ruined by the grates in the side walk. That said, if heels are a must for you then rather take a cab. In Summer the nights are still hot and humid. So wearing jeans is still not such a good idea. Try find something light & breezy. When I go to NYC I usually choose black for night time outings . It helps to block that outfit- overthinking where half of your suitcase lands on the bed and you realise you have nothing to wear! I accentuate my outfit up with bright Lipstick & statement accessories. I also suggest a pair of semi casual black slacks that will mix well with a couple different tops or blouses.






Stella & Dot Taj Clutch 

Stella & Dot Covet Initial Diamond Necklaces

Stella & Dot Gita statement tassel earrings

Stella & Dot Black Studs

Aquazzura flats  – Budget option





-what i wish i had packed –

Anything I wished I had with me with my last summer trip to NY? I wished i had more space for shopping!But that is always an issue! Don’t wear new shoes ! If you specially bought shoes for the trip make sure to wear them out a bit before you leave for your trip.I know it sounds like common sense but hey we still knowing better do stupid things like this.

I think at the end of the day whatever you choose to pack it has to suit you and you must feel comfortable with what you wearing. Nothing worse than wearing something you keep on fidgeting with, because its not really you.

“In life its important to Enjoy your trip -make memories -take photos!” – Me








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