I am a South African girl and on top of that probably one of those mythical lizard people conspiracy theorist go on about. I need the sun and the heat & summery nights where I can sit outside drinking a glass of vino (like lizards do), without having to wear layers. But Europe oh Europe has transformed this South African lizard girl into a tough cookie that can now handle European winters.

My survival tactic . . . I drink more wine & immerse my self in winter fashion. Winter Fashion excites me. Not the grey and the black which you know I wear to death. But winter fashion in Europe is so different. Nowhere in the wold is winter fashion as fashionable as in Europe. Especially in the cities like Zurich, Paris, Milan & Berlin. My soul was meant to live in Europe.

In Europe we can layer and be creative and style our outfits to look rich, fashionable and classy. And you don’t even need a huge budget, you just need to know how.

This is one of the reasons why I sat down and spent hours creating my E-Book – “Winter 2017/18 Wardrobe Guide”. I was inspired by the concept of a capsule wardrobe. How with a few items you can mix and match and have a whole creative wardrobe and not get bored but always look stylish with minimal effort while saving money. I started it as a mini project for myself but realised that so many girls need this. Its incredibly helpful. And I’m not being biased. It really does help on so many levels. Read the Post about it here.

This editorial shows some of the outfits and layering mixes in the E-book. Burgundy is my favourite accent colour for winter. And burgundy is a great colour for mixing and matching in winter to bring some rich colour to your wardrobe. I mixed it with a last season ZARA turtleneck pullover and added my Burberry scarf. One of my best investments in my wardrobe. It was pricey but I have had it for a long time and it goes with everything. I highly recommend investing in a Burberry scarf. You will have it forever and you will wear it all the time. Some things are just worth spending money on and I have come to a place where I can recognise what is worth the price tag and what is not.

Added some old Gucci riding boots. These boots I bought on sale some years ago. They were on sale! And normally I don’t buy luxury designer goods on sale, because I believe in spending THAT kind of money on classics. If something is classic it will stay in fashion for a long time. For example the Burberry trench. The likelihood that it will go on sale is very slim. Which is why you hardly ever find any Chanel items on sale. But these boots are classics and yes they might be from seasons past but they are incredibly comfy and of best quality and will look fashionable for as long as there are winters. I love sales but I also know better than thinking sales are the answer to our fashion needs. Many times I find gems on sale. But I am a sale snob. I have the voice of a good friend in my head . . . “sales are the shit nobody else wants !” Ouch! but often true.

The Guc Guc belt is also a favourite as you know from previous posts. I feel this was also a very wise investment. Instead of going crazy spending small change on cheap belts buy one good luxury item that you will love, love, love and wear again and again and have for years to come. You need a belt, might as well have a good quality one.

If you have my E -book you will know of all the items that you can mix and match. So in coming weeks I will post outfits on my blog and on Instagram. This will give you a good idea of how to style the outfits and how to make it your own with the 32 items I suggest in the E-book.

If you have the E-book you can look at 277 , 278 & 279 to compare how I style to make it my own and which items I suggested. To get there quickly go to the “I feel like page ” and click on Burgundy jeans. This will quickly take you to these looks.

Oh and I had my cousin’s daughter from Lugano visit me. Andrea is my substitute for not having had a daughter. I can do the whole face masks , hair mask and make up routine , dressing up and shopping and girl talk with her. I love this creature and enjoy her visits so much. She joined me at the shoot so I was happy to include her in this editorial.

Btw . my accessories are from Stella & Dot of course. In this editorial I’m wearing an all time favourite that is a best seller because it suits so many outfits and all seasons and all ages. The rebel pendant is the piece that made me fall in love with Stella & Dot in the first place.

Anyway head to this page and read more about my E-BOOK.Im über excited about this project. I’m not super talented in many fields but one thing I do know is fashion. So I can recommend this book for this winter with the utmost confidence that it will help you and inspire you for your winter wardrobe.





Photos by Celine Lütolf

-my accessories-

Rebel Pendant // Pave Arc Earrings // Covet Kensington bag//

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