Freshly back from my New York trip and I can now also proudly call myself a certified personal stylist. Or as my Friend MS would say a Fashion Guru with a Licence to style. I completed the personal stylist course at School of Style in New York and got all the insider info from Lauren Messiah, who I must say is one awesome esyclopdia with everything to do with personal styling.

– I fell in Love again-

Of course as per usual I fell in love. Every time without fail this happens to me in New York. This fast paced concrete jungle gives me butterflies.  I have to remind myself to take it easy because it feels like I am running out of time and so I suffer from serious f.o.m.o.It Is always a battle, room service and a decent nights rest or just going cray and staying up sucking in all the Big Apple has to offer??

New York is like a lover kissing me in my neck. It’s so intense I think of the experiences for days after I left. I actually feel a little heart broken to leave the city behind. I wish I did more and spend more time. Regretting now not having passionately kissed the streets with my feet more. The words Barney’s ,Bloomy’s & Bendel whisper in my ear doesn’t leave my thoughts for days.Saks on 5th giving me serious warning signals to put on the breaks, but fast! Because the price for those Chanel sinner booties are just too high! And who can afford that, certainly not me.

Whatever I always regret not doing more when I leave, always ! This is what this city does to a girl who lives in Zurich where it feels like the city sees her as an outsider who has no place for her or only half a place… if that .

In my opinion , NY is the the muse for all love songs ever written.

-the outfit-

The outfit choice in this editorial was inspired by a mild autumn which is very much true in New York at the moment. The weather was Ab Fab , some days as high as 29. Anyway with the theory of global warming or the confusionsion of the seasons it was pretty much still summery in NY.

I chose a calf length skirt with some colour .Current street styles are telling a very different story for autumn and winter this year. Usually fashion in the cold seasons are pinned down to greys and blacks. This year its all about color and mixed patterns, stripes and patchworks & even pale whites. Black will always be the safety net for all seasons but this season be sure that you can feel free to experiment with color.

Initially I was only going to have one belt bag , the red one from Mint and berry but in my organizing and decluttering I found an old Tory Burch belt bag. When I say old I mean old because I remember my iPhone use to fit in here effortlessly. Wearing two belt bags was a great way to show the multi bag trend.

-the location-

This was shot in Soho Mercer street and funnily this day the street was full of Bloggers from all over the world shooting outfits. Seems to be the spot for Blogsters to shoot.

Not only is it a popular blogger photography spot but also It has the best cupcake shop in NY. And the fatty in me ofcourse had to break free and stuff my face with cupcakes. It never gets old, I will die with a cupcake in one hand and a glass of wine in the other while trying to swipe my credit card for another pair of Gucci’s simultaneously trying to get justice for abused animals

 I stayed in Chelsea and will soon write more about this little neighbourhood and what it has to offer.




Photos by Emmy Coletti 


Top From Benetton// Skirt from Roberto Collina // shoes from Gucci -budget option Kurt Geiger  // Red Belt bag from MINT & BERRY  // Sunglasses Marc Jacobs




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