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Awhile ago I wrote about “made to order”. This culture of wanting an item uniquely you that speaks for your character, who you are or who you want to be seems to have become a more and more popular & coveted luxury in a world where we all buy from the likes of ZARA & Micheal Kors.

Let’s talk about unique affordable luxury…

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In a world of ZARA & Micheal Kors

Don’t get me wrong, I love ZARA and I am often found buying there. I also used to love Micheal Kors and own a few Micheal Kors pieces. But when I and looked around I had nothing unique or special. Everyone had it. It is affordable, it’s a good quality brand associated with luxury, beautiful items. So naturally fashionistas love this fab, gorgeous brand and its gorgeous apparel and accessories. Nothing wrong with this.

But then when I was lucky enough to get a Cartier Bracelet from my hubby for our anniversary, I felt my Cartier was so special and unique and, well Micheal Kors was not so unique. So aside from a bracelet arm party, my Cartier Bracelet was a lone ranger waiting for the day it can be accompanied by a Cartier Panthère watch. This might take a while…

Welly Merck – A brand with an unique Story

But something surprising happened. I was asked to collaborate with Welly Merck, a Swiss watch company with a very interesting story that you can read here: Welly Merck About us

Not being very familiar with this brand made me weary to collaborate. I went on the site and spent some time reading the story and looking at the products and found that I totally fell in love not only with the watch & accessories collections but also with the idea & story behind this brand too. A brand with a story so unique.

Unique Affordable Luxury

I googled it and found really good reviews. Turns out this Swiss watch brand is actually very well loved and sort of a little secret in watch circles. It’s a very understated luxury brand. It also allows the wearer to uniquely personalise it and play with it with the optional easily interchangeable watch strap. You’re also able to have it engraved.

I ordered the 36mm face in rose gold even though I am a believer in mixing metals. I loved that the rose gold complemented my rose gold cartier bracelet. Plus rose gold is so in this summer and it flatters all skin types. I also ordered a brown leather strap and a pink and red stripy strap for a more playful style. The order arrived very quickly with no hassle in a beautiful tiffany coloured box. It honestly even looks better in real life than it does online.

Swiss excellence

The watch is flat and thin. I prefer big watch faces but I am so over chunky pieces. It’s so 2005. I like something that makes a statement without taking away the femininity from my look. It looks elegant and understated, but luxurious. It is so well thought through and clearly has been made with Swiss Excellence.

This could make an excellent present for yourself or someone else. It is just so refreshing and different, classy & chic. I love the option of having extra easily interchangeable straps. And I love the modern design and thought that went into the making of this watch.

The best part is that this luxury is actually affordable. When you look at it it seems expensive and you would estimate it to be a higher price than it actually is. This watch is the perfect affordable luxury item that will make your outfits look expensive.


For a short time my readers can get a 15% discount on your Welly Merck order! This is such an awesome deal so I would suggest you also order extra watch straps while you have the discount. Think of upcoming birthdays, but also think of treating yourself.

Go toWelly Merck.com and use Coupon code nadisheart15 to claim your discount.

Welly Merck offers a fabulous collection for men and woman!


Photos by Juerg Hostettler



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