“Je ne sais qui “

” Huh?”

” Yes you have Je ne said quoi” she repeated” …

“okay … never heard of it, explain” ….

This is a snippet of a 2017 conversation I had with one of my besties. A conversation that sent me on a thinking path that I carried with me the whole of 2017.

2017 was a year of much personal change for me. Career-wise I had hectic highs and mega lows. I learned so much about myself, what I like, what my talents are and the dreams and goals that are still screaming in my soul to be attended to. Where friendships are concern I have realised what precious friendships I have and what a good healthy friendship looks like. I have incredible friends and I made a decision that these are the standards I will keep my inner circle friends to and nothing less.

During 2017 there were many times where I felt such a fraudster at whatever I tried. I often felt like everyone seems to be doing better than I am. Blogs are prettier, articles more informative and their instagram just too gorgeous. I know that the social media world is faux and that pictures of how things really happen is not so glamorous. People on social media show the most aspirational version of themselves. So we see gorge holiday photos, candle lit dinners, breakfasts spreads to die for and the most beautiful decor. Its easy to get fomo when you are are constantly on social media and trying to make it work for you. The bad & the ugly does not make it to the Instagram stories. I also realise that these social media kings & queens worked their asses off for a long time to get there. They too had to start off and learn and earn their way up. In an instant want it now get it now world, this is something I have to remind myself off every step of the way in everything I do.

The craziness of this all is that I know all these things, yet it still got to me? How did I get over this?

Someone I really admire once told me that she feels like a fraud at what she is doing and I couldn’t believe it! Because she is awesome and very talented at her profession. It turns out that I am not the only one in the world that feels like this.

Another thing that really helped was my amazing friends & family. I have had such awesome encouraging feedback from people whom I think the world of and respect. So many encouraging messages and pep talks never putting me down or making stupid remarks. Like my friend telling me I have” je ne sais quoi ” this has meant so much to me during the of whole 2017. Every time I felt uninspired I heard my friend’s voice telling me this. This friend has been my friend the longest , she has known me my whole life and knows me inside out better than anyone else. So it makes sense to listen to her. This is a friend who is successful herself so I really took this to heart. Or maybe I was just impressed with her knowledge of French expressions . Whatever it helped and I carried it with me.

It took me (let’s just say) 30-something years but I feel like I have finally arrived…

I’m interested, leave a comment… what was your 2017 aha moment ?

This flower print dress is from ONLY . It is so versatile that it can also be worn as a blouse. It has a light fabric so I will be able to wear it in Spring and again next Autumn. I love the high neckline & the big flower print rather than smaller flowers. This sassy faux fur scarf was a gift “de mon ami”. It’s from the Australian brand -Forever New . A very creative and trend orientated brand with good quality clothes. Oldie Stella & Dot sunglasses for that vintage edge. Gucci belt & cognac riding boots to bring the outfit together . And how about this beautiful gold feather hair clip to complete the look. It looks like something I have inherited from my grandma right? But actually its from Stella & Dot. Every new Stella & Dot collection is such a treat. Always the most gorgeous, creative ideas. I also wear the limited edition Luxe studs in pink. This is the perfect meet the parents look right ?



Photos by Celine Lütolf


Pink Luxe Ear studs Stella & Dot // Sunglasses Stella & Dot // Feather Hair Pin Stella & Dot 







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