Made to order or personalisation is not a new trend , but it is becoming more & more popular and asked for. A recent study shows that over 90% of high income earners tend to personalise their products, holidays and other services! 50% of Mid level income earners personalise their products. 1 in 4 consumers are willing to pay more to get a personalised product or service.  Yip the Made to Order Business is not going any where soon the fire is only starting now!

In a world where most of us shop at Top Shop or Zara we start feeling so much part of the crowd and we have to admit it quietly stifles our uniqueness.We shop at the same places , follow and admire many of the same bloggers. Copy their styles & make up. Shopping at unique boutiques is not really realistic & in general fashion is moving so fast these days that what is in this week is old next week! Scary!!

This is why made to order is becoming such a strong trend. You can bring your own uniquesness to a product that might be worn by so many others but once you put your initials or personalised text on it , it makes it special. It makes it different and it makes it uniquely yours. It also is something that will last & it adds sentimentality.

When I was in London recently I saw this personalisation trend everywhere. At the Superga store in Carnaby, you could practically get someone to paint your face on your shoe, no kidding!  In Top shop I got my initials embroidered on a 15£ top. It just made it look so much more special & unique. At Gucci in Old- Bond street you can order your Princetown slippers Custom made! My mouth was watering! You can order it in the fabric, the leather & the colour you like , with or without the fur, you can add patches if that is your thing and then of course add your initials. I want it sooo badly! How special is that? A shoe that was sold out for monts and that is so crazy expensive, is now on everyone’s feet. So how to make it once again coveted ? MADE TO ORDER! Not only is it made to order but your poor soul has to wait 3months for it to arrive. Gucci’s personalisation service actually started with the Dionysus bag at the Milan flag ship store. You could personalise the best seller bag of 2016/17 and make it uniquely yours. In the new Dolce & Gabbana sneaker boutique in Milan you can get your own personalised pair of sneakers with patches a phases painted on by special artisans. Customisation is the future!

The same goes for the Stella & Dot Bespoke Collection. I love mixing all my necklaces and bracelets together and adding a Bespoke necklace , bracelet or ring to the mix, sometimes all of them! I wear my Bespoke items all the time. Its special because someone might have the same necklace but its so not the same as what I have!

Jewellery is of course the perfect , easier & a very classy way to personalise your look. I love my Disc necklace with my Initials on it. I have a bracelet with my son’s Birthdate in Roman numerals on it & on my signet ring I have my husband’s initials & the new bangles I have phases on that inspire me & bring me in remembrance of things that are important to me. By the way these bangles compliments my Cartier Love bracelet beautifully. Stella & Dot also have cufflinks for men, so you can engrave their initials or their favourite sport’s club initials. (men are strange)

Made to order is absolutely the perfect gift to give and will please anyone and it’s unique. This will certainly warm a heart & it will be a gift cherished for a long time. Sentimental , unique , coveted!

Check out the Bespoke or in German Unikat Collection of Stella & Dot Here



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