On those days I don’t feel like “adulting” I slip into a gingham print. Gingham is everywhere now and it has a funny way of making a girl feel and actually come across as younger. I think of Gingham as the anti- adulting fashion statement.

Gingham the anti-adulting print

Gingham really has this effect of making the person wearing it come across younger. It’s a fun print. We all have good memories of a gingham dress that we owned as little girls. Brigette Bardot actually got married in a Gingham dress.

Gingham can be mixed with so many other items you have in your closet from cute printed t-shirts to cami’s. Gingham on gingham can also be a fun way to wear gingham. Gingham and stripes is also a fun way of mixing two prints .

The silver lining of getting older

What I love about my age is that I can wear gingham and drink wine. The lines on our faces have a use after all. It’s your instant proof of age without having to actually look for your ID card  or stress because you are under age. No, no your wrinkles actually are a big help. In the time it usually would have taken the waiter to verify your age you could have already had two glasses of wine. Silver lining girls!

about my outfit

I got these cutie gingham pedal pushers from GAP. They are so comfortable and honestly I do feel younger slipping them on. I advise that you get a pair that fits perfectly. It if it’s too tight it might look odd but you also don’t want slouchy pants.

TIP. any pants made from some kind of stretch material should never be tumble dried. It makes the pants stretch and they become slouchy.

The orange Cami is from Custom-made. Even though I love this bright orange the colour is very dominating so I wore a black bra to break the bold color. If it’s not your thing that’s okay. Get a bra with a clear strap. I do like breaking rules, even some fashion rules. Sometimes the risk pays off, sometimes it is a fail.

The silk scarf is from Milk Copenhagen. I have honestly never in my life had such a fun scarf. I’m crazy about this scarf and wear it in so many different playful ways.

Because i prefer to wear flat shoes I always look for good quality fun shoes. These are from Aquazurra, one of my current favourite shoe brands.

Thank you to Helvti Diner for letting us shoot here. The Chocolate Milk Shake was delicious and made me feel like a little girl again. You can find their website here :

  Gingham the "anti- adulting" print        

photos by Lisa Trocchi 



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