So do I always dress up? The answer is no. I love dressing up and experimenting with styles but in my everyday life I go for comfortable and easy styles. I call it my “uniform “

-My everyday clothes are basically uniform-

I grew up in South Africa, so for everyday for 12 years of my life I wore a school uniform. Yap!The same outfit everyday. Its cray boring but I never stood in front of my closet in the holy last minute before my ride for school came, throwing clothes out of the cupboard in a frantic sweat trying to figure out what to wear. It was clear.

Of course I don’t wear uniform anymore but when I analysed my own style recently I came to the conclusion that I sort of still have my own version of a “Uniform.”

I have a drawer full of white and black t shirts . No prints just plain white or black. I have so many pairs of jeans, I don’t even want to mention.  This is basically my everyday style. A plain T shirt either tucked into my jeans or hanging over sometimes with jeans and in autumn and winter I changed it up a bit with some leather leggings(which btw in my opinion already falls sort of under the accessories category).

I style it with accessories and different jackets. So my style is sort of the same thing everyday but different. This helps that there is one less thing to worry or care about in an already overloaded day. I know this style , I know it suits me, I know its looks good and I feel confident and comfortable yet still stylish in it. I don’t have to put much thought into it. But by adding the right accessories it looks like I did put some thought into it.

-You do have something to wear-

When you do a closet pruge you will find those favourite items you wear all the time. Get them out make sure they are still in good condition if not toss them and get new ones and maybe more than one. Make sure it fits well, don’t buy smaller for when you loose those 5 kg’s. Get a few of the things that make you feel comfortable and mix and match them with some other things that are trendy . Again I want to stress that it has to fit well and not be old- old with stains on and full off those fluffy balls things. For goodness sake buy some new basic items. It’s not a luxury to look good and presentable. It’s not that hard & it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


This is actually my new “look I went to New York and bought nothing” coat. On the photo you can not really see how awesome this coat is and the details goes missing as things in photos often do. Its from Dries Van Noten and its a classic. Found it at a luxury second hand sale. Still paid too much to mention but its worth it and I love it!

Metallic Jackets are very in right now and its a nice change and a fresh and funky trend. Have some courage try something different its cute and you can pick one of these babies up for less than 50€

Boyfriend denim jackets ! This Levi’s jacket actually belongs to my hubster. Because his biceps are so big the jacket had to be big. He never wears it but it makes the perfect boyfriend denim jacket for me


My all time favourite Tux Blazer. This blazer has been my go to for formal and informal events. Its an oldie but it served me well. This one was from Navyboot years ago. One of my pricier wardrobe investments and I have never regretted it.



  A little T shirt Tip ! Instead of just wearing the t shirt as is, fold over the sleeves twice. This gives a more finished look & seems like you did put some effort into your outfit.

I don’t keep old t shirts when they start looking yucky I throw them out to avoid the possible scenario of wearing one.

or Instead of throwing them out I keep them to dry my hair. Much healthier for your hair than a towel. Read my Editorial on Haircare

Photos by Celine Lütolf


T- shirt from Anthropologie // Leather pants from Selected Femme // Denim jacket from Levis// vintage coat from Dries Van Noten similar from Misguided // Metallic Vegan Leather Jacket from Loavies// Tux jacket from Navyboot old but similar from Vera Moda// sunglasses from Rayban //Shoes Gucci


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0 Nadia Austin

2 comments on “don’t say you have nothing to wear…”

  1. Hi Nadi!
    Thank you for this great tip I’m going to get my “uniform” ready!
    Sometimes it’s the little things that makes a huge difference.
    I absolutely love your blog!
    Can’t wait for your next style tip!

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