There is this quote that has been making its rounds for “real woman” or show us what “real woman” dress like. Seriously ? What is a “real woman” please explain this to me???

I am insulted and frustrated that as woman we use this derogatory sentence to describe what exactly ? It’s not clever, it’s not cute and it doesn’t make any group of woman feel better! It doesn’t even make sense.

Dressing for a “real woman”

What does a real woman dress like? If you choose to dress like a tomboy does this make you not a “real woman” ? Does it refer to a certain body type and if you are not that body type, well too bad then you are just not a “real woman.”

The Miriam Webster dictionary defines a woman as an adult female person. Miriam Webster has not yet got a definition for a “real woman” which makes me think that they too are having a hard time finding a definition of a “real woman”


Seriously every time I see this quote written somewhere or mentioned in a speech it makes my blood boil. If we as woman don’t fall into the “real woman” category what exactly would our category be? And who decided what a real woman should look like? dress like ? act like?

We are better than this! Stop using this quote. It’s not clever and it just confuses the hell out of all of us. It’s disdainful, unflattering and belongs in a 1950’s advertisement for an oven or vacuum cleaner!


This is outfit no 27 from my Spring Capsule Guide.


I made the outfit my own by creating a front tie with the blouse instead of sticking it in or letting it hang over the jeans, but all these styles could also work well.

White jeans are great for a Spring or Summer capsule wardrobe. If you are a bit bigger in the thighs you might feel self- conscious wearing white, but actually it is just about finding the right pair of white jeans that flatters your body type and then wearing the blouse in a way that also flatters your shape. My little belt bag that can also be used as a cross body bag is from Chloe. I have been eyeing this bag for awhile now and finally just got it. Jeans are oldies from Jcrew . These creative ballerinas are from Aquazzura, one of my favourite shoe brands at the moment.

Get my look

Sunglasses MANGO // Blouse THE KOOPLES // Belt Bag CHLOE // Jeans Jcrew  // Ballerinas Aquazzura // Denim Jacket Ralph Lauren


     what is a "real woman"    

Photos by Juerg Hostettler






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