Month: January 2018

“Je ne sais quoi” et mon ami

“Je ne sais qui “ ” Huh?” ” Yes you have Je ne said quoi” she repeated” … “okay … never heard of it, explain” …. This is a snippet of a 2017 conversation I had with one of my besties. A conversation that sent me on a thinking path that I carried with me […]

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Berlin Fashion Week & my opinion on dirt cheap shopping

Traveling is such a privilege. You don’t only get an exciting adventure from your travels but your eyes get opened and you become aware of things that otherwise you would have not. Traveling is an investment in your own future. It broadens your horizons and gives you a new perspective on life and changes your […]

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South Africa & incredibly memories

I thought December would be a nice quiet and relaxing month for me. I decided to not do very much social media wise and take a break from the blog, stay away from my phone and camera as much as possible and rather enjoy every moment of my yearly family and friend- vacay in South […]

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