Why I wear my watch on my right wrist

I’m still so crazy about this Welly Merck watch. I haven’t wanted to wear a watch for a long time and now I don’t leave the house without it. What’s more is that this awesome watch has easily interchangeable watch straps so I can match them to my outfit quickly and easily. why I wear […]

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Somewhere only we know

Being a Music lover I often have sound tracks in my head when I am at certain places or doing certain things or in certain situations. When I went out on the little row boat on the Wägtalersee in Canton Schwyz Switzerland the song by Keane “Lets go somewhere only we know” was playing in […]

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Gingham the anti-adulting print

On those days I don’t feel like “adulting” I slip into a gingham print. Gingham is everywhere now and it has a funny way of making a girl feel and actually come across as younger. I think of Gingham as the anti- adulting fashion statement. Gingham the anti-adulting print Gingham really has this effect of […]

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To stripe or not to stripe

With every season comes the perpetual question to stripe or not to stripe? Without fail season after season we ask ourselves & turn to the fashion Mags for advice on what print would be the safe go to print for the season. To stripe or not to stripe There is floral print, gingham, tartan, leopard […]

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Wait!!! Am I a “real woman” ?

There is this quote that has been making its rounds for “real woman” or show us what “real woman” dress like. Seriously ? What is a “real woman” please explain this to me??? I am insulted and frustrated that as woman we use this derogatory sentence to describe what exactly ? It’s not clever, it’s not […]

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Think Statement

    Let’s face it, we all love to be complimented on our outfit. We love the “oh wow I love this dress and the way you made it your own” remarks. Or “where did you buy that?” Getting stopped on the street and being complimented on your outfit is such a confidence and energy […]

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6 Stella & Dot fashion girl must haves

The 6 Stella & Dot fashion girl must haves for this Spring/Summer and reason I picked them. THE 6 STELLA & DOT FASHION GIRL MUST HAVES FASHION GIRL MUST HAVE NO.1   The Shake your Palm Palms Clutch. This all in one pouch can be used as a bag organiser or to store pencils or […]

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A trench coat is essential for your spring wardrobe. While I am on the MILK COPENHAGEN track I might as well tell you about the most comfortable trench I have ever worn. I suggested this trench in my Spring Wardrobe Capsule guide and here is why… Recently on a misleading sunny day, the Milk trench […]

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