How lucky, lucky am I that my sister is this awesome photographer & that I get to have her accompany me on my annual Italian days ?Not only do we get to work together but we can have our late night sisterly chats till in the early hours. #familywithbenefits

Well when I say my sister this is actually my sister- in- Law , but I have always wanted to have a sissy and what an amazing blessing did i get? I got 4! Lucky my mother in law had so many boys right? Lisa is the sister of my husband. We love taking on new adventures together.

Our pin drop landed on Venice & some other coming attractions. But for now lets talk about Venice.

I have actually been to Venice a couple of times and every time I go I discover new things about Venice. It seems same – same, with all the Murano glass shops *and whatnot. That said , I actually have had some fun adventures in Venice and I will always go back for more. Its an incredible other world. Its like being transported centuries back . #Italiandays

-10 interesting facts about Venice City-

1-Venice city it the capitol of Veneto a region in Italy.

2-Venice city is build on 118 small islands that are separated by channels and connected with 400 bridges.

3-The islands are located in a shallow lagoon.

4-The City State of Venice is considered to have been the first real international financial center which gradually emerged from the 9th century to its peak in the 14th century. This made Venice a wealthy city throughout most of its history.

5-Venice has an incredibly rich history during the middle ages it had a major  financial and maritime power. By the end of the 13th century it was the most prosperous city in all of Europe.

6-Artists like Vivaldi were born here & Venice played an important role in the history of operatic & symphonic music.

7-Even though it was mostly Roman Catholic it was notable for its freedom from religious fanaticism and nobody got executed for religious heresy.

8-Printing press was invented in Germany but in 1482 Venice was the printing capital of the world and the Venetian Aldus Manitius invented paperback books that could be carried in a saddlebag.

9-These Horses of Saint Mark are a replica of the Triumphal Quadriga captured in Constantinople in 1204 and carried to Venice as a trophy.

10- Venice is also known for its several important artistic movements, especially the Renaissance period.

The charming Hat I bought in a shop in Venice





My Jewellery from Stella & Dot 

Flytographer – LISA TROCCHI










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