The last couple of cold days has been an incredibly exciting time for me! It’s hard for me to express in words how much I enjoyed the Milan Fashion Week. For my little Cancerian soul this was like being under my rock on the beach where I feel most comfortable and excited by the tides controlled by my moon. Running sideways from show to show. I felt the cold (crabs don’t like the cold). It was bloody cold, at times my knees were knocking together and I could not control it, but I didn’t care, it was worth it! Plus I lost a kilo from being cold.

My photographer Celine and I arrived on day 3 of Milan Fashion Week. Both of us were Fashion Week virgins and didn’t know what to expect. Both of us Cancerians out of our comfort zones. So we thought. Turns out this is exactly where we feel we belong most.

I have this way of getting lucky with things in life, getting into VIP lounges, getting tables even if i didn’t reserve , always finding parking . . . just random things which i believe is favour from up above! The very first show we went to, Antonio Marras, we got lucky and were allowed standing space! My calves are still stiff from doing calve raises to see everything. WORKOUT DONE- Check! The Antonia Madras show was intriguing, provocative and absorbing. Not for one minute could any one in the audience be bored. It was a mix of a traditional fashion show and a dancing routine. Absolutely stunning. How did we get into the show? I simply asked and at the last minute they let us in.

What did I like about the Antonio Marras Fall- Winter 2018 collection?

I liked the masculine fem fashion with the vintage touch. I liked how he used this recurring trend in a fresh way. I liked the belt bags. Belt bags are huge now, but it seems everyone is going for the Gucci bag belt, which is a bit tired now. It was nice to see something completely different. The style for the men was also very vintage and masculine. Something our grandfathers would have been comfortable in. Fun show with live pianist and also music from Senzen Aksu.

You can see the show here:


We show- hopped. It’s a tad irritating and tiring because all the shows are spread all over the city so they are often 30 min from the last venue. The well known influencers & others that attend the shows change clothes for every show. Apparently in the car on their way to the next show. Well you can’t be invited to a Cavalli show and arrive in Versace , that is just bad etiquette.

We saw such awesome street styles. So creative and fun and on point. At Cavalli I was being photographed by other street style photographers while waiting for my photographer who was taking street style photos. Again I got lucky, as I turned around there was Laura Brown, the editor in chief of INSTYLE magazine. I have been following this woman on insta on an off for some time now. Her insta is fun and full of humour. She was so down to earth and friendly. There were many other famous celebs coming past, most of them trying to get out of there asap. to avoid us wanna-be’s I guess.

After Cavalli we went to Aigner. We couldn’t get into the show but we got into the Apero and had some Prosecco on the house! Nothing wrong with that!

Saturday, DAY 4 of the MILAN FW: we had to get up very early to catch the Salvatore Ferragamo show! Getting up early is so not my thing and it was still hard but I was so excited for what the day will hold for us. The previous day was so amazing I couldn’t imagine that the next day would be better! O but it was! Fab Fab Fab!

The Ferragamo show was packed! Black cars deluxe. Celebs like Anna Wintour, Paparazzi and loads of other photographers. So I was incredibly flattered by the many photographers that wanted pictures of my outfit. It was fun! This was huge show. The shows usually only last about 30min.

Next we had to rush to the ARMANI show 30 min away. Traffic jammed. And again a huge turn out. After ARMANI we went to the the Ermanno Scervino show. Again many celebs and influencers like Valentina Ferragni, sister of the blogger of bloggers Chiara Ferragni. We couldn’t get into these big shows… #GOALS … but it is not at all boring standing outside and seeing all the celebs and influencers arrive & leave. Checking out the street styles. Our last show was Missoni. It was again jam packed with Vip’s and black cars. It would of course be awesome to get into some of these big shows but just being in the middle of it all and feeling the energy is amazing and an incredible experience. It is so my thing! I can’t believe it took me 36 years to get to experience it.


I have been wanting to wear this red leather skirt for awhile now, but there was never really the right occasion. What better occasion than Fashion Week. I paired it with a ZARA oversized dress-blouse from the current collection and my Gucci Sneakers , Gucci belt and an oldie TORY BURCH belt bag. When I bought this little bag my iPhone still could fit in it…wow! Still I think it worked. I used a Tommy Hilfiger Clutch and the Coat is actually a last minute add. We slept over at my cousins house in Lugano and I grabbed it from her closet. It worked perfectly with my outfit and saved me pretty much from looking like a white walker. I had a décolletage party . . . I layered all my old and current favourite stella and dot necklaces.

Photos by Celine Lütolf












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  1. Loved the report back. You would have fitted in well with all the celebs and influencers, I’m sure. The vid above is stunning.

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