Berlin Fashion Week & my opinion on dirt cheap shopping

Traveling is such a privilege. You don’t only get an exciting adventure from your travels but your eyes get opened and you become aware of things that otherwise you would have not. Traveling is an investment in your own future. It broadens your horizons and gives you a new perspective on life and changes your […]

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South Africa & incredibly memories

I thought December would be a nice quiet and relaxing month for me. I decided to not do very much social media wise and take a break from the blog, stay away from my phone and camera as much as possible and rather enjoy every moment of my yearly family and friend- vacay in South […]

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Ralph Lauren & Christmas Indulgence

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Christmas is such an exciting time. I love Christmas. Now that I live in Europe & have experienced the festive season here, I can finally relate to why Bing Cosby & Frank Sinatra were cooing over a white & cold Christmas. European Christmases are all about indulgence. […]

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Capsule outfit #231 & 232 & the power of clothes

It’s been years since I worked in corporate and honestly I can’t say I liked it much. Apart from the fun social life and the amazing friends I made, the whole corporate thing stressed me out way too much … let me just say it … I am the worst at anything that has rules, […]

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Christmas Gifts for Him 2017

In my opinion your man is already lucky! He has you! And that means he has Christmas every day of the freaking year. I know this because the fact that you are reading this means you care enough to explore the best options to get him the best present. No need to give him socks […]

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Outfit # 277 , 278 & 279 & my take on Luxury Items

I am a South African girl and on top of that probably one of those mythical lizard people conspiracy theorist go on about. I need the sun and the heat & summery nights where I can sit outside drinking a glass of vino (like lizards do), without having to wear layers. But Europe oh Europe […]

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Winter 2017/18 Capsule Wardrobe for 30- somethings

First things first – define a capsule wardrobe! A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe that consists of all the basic items of a particular season that you love wearing and that you can mix and match with each other to create as many outfits as possible . A typical capsule wardrobe are worn for […]

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How to do a closet cleanse … & my special offer

Bought the same item again? Feeling unmotivated by your out of control closet. Can’t find anything in it to wear? It’s time for a closet cleanse! A tedious but rewarding task.   Here are some tips on how to cleanse your closet. #1 pour yourself a glass of wine … keep the bottle nearby #2 play […]

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Shubh Deepavali

This post is dedicated to all my Hindu Friends who are celebrating Diwali. The Diwali or Deepavali festival – the festival of lights, spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining .The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival night of […]

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